Indonesian Sexy Actress and Model Luna Maya

Luna Maya (born in Denpasar, Bali, August 26, 1983, age 33 years) is a soap opera actress and feature films Indonesia who started his career as an advertising and catwalk model.


Model and Actress. Luna Maya (born in Denpasar, Bali, August 26, 1983, age 33 years) is a soap opera actress and feature films Indonesia who started his career as an advertising and catwalk model.

Luna Maya Career

Luna began her career as a model. He plunged into the world of the role in 1999 as a supporting role through the film 30 Days for Love. In the film, Luna role as Barbara, a beautiful girl and hot is a dream man. This is the first role of Luna as an antagonist. After that Luna appeared in the film Brownies in 2005. In the film director Hanung Bramantyo, Luna back into a supporting role. Luna’s first role as the lead character is as Mina in Ward 13 of the same year.

The name Luna entertainment universe increasingly soar in Indonesia, after he was cast in the movie Cinta Silver and rumored to be related to Ariel, vocalist band Peterpan. Their relationship often led to speculation from the media.

After Love Silver, Luna appeared in Space, won several acting nominations at the national film awards including the Indonesian Film Festival. In addition to feature films, Luna also exist in the world of soap operas and starred in a number of renowned advertising such as Lux, Zestea, Sarimi, Vitalong C, XL, Mrs. Cream Detergent, Toshiba, and others.

A series of accomplishments achieved by Luna to make it selected as one of the torchbearers in the Olympic Games 2008. Not only the world and a role model hailed by Luna. Together Dewi Sandra and Sandra Dewi, Luna also contributed her voice in the Euro 2008 theme song titled Play.

After his collaboration with Sandra and Sandra Dewi, Luna returned to collaboration, this time with Dide, vocalist of Green Leaves. They sang Sounds (my hope) of “Green Leaves” re-arranged versions of dangdut. The song became the sound track for the film Luna, Janda Kembang. Additionally, Luna also expanded in the field of directing to direct a short film indie titled Saints and The City, video clips latest single singer Nadia (Dhea Ananda) titled You’re Not Faithful where Luna also acted as a producer for the new album, and a video clip of a new band named Malka

Beginning April 2010, Luna set by Indonesia’s Showbiz Insiders as the # 1 Highest Paid TV Star of 2009 and # 3 Highest Paid Actress in 2009, for the first time in collaboration with her lover, Ariel, in the Lux ad couple versions.

Post-porn video case involving his name spread, November 2010 Luna appeared as a guest star on Silver Love mini concert by singer Glenn Fredly which is specifically dedicated the concert to Luna and director Erwin Arnada. At the concert, Luna recited a love poem. Currently Luna Maya began to become a director and had made his first film Pintu Harmonica.


Twitter Scandals

At the end of 2009, Luna problems with Infotainment for emotional statements on Twitter about infotainment. “Infotainment rank more despicable than prostitutes and murderers! May your souls burn in hell!” Luna wrote in his Twitter account, as Detikhot quotation on December 16, 2009. These statements appear midnight, at about 00:00 pm after one of the camera crew infotainment head hit Alleia, daughter Ariel who was her arms after attending a movie premiere Ariel, The Dreamer , on the second floor of Plaza EX, Jakarta on the evening of December 15, 2010. Although a few hours after the statement, Luna finally decided to remove it later apologized “Sorry ya all to twit who’s not important, tp to understand that thanks bgt, for not everyone knows tp jg sorry …,”. Pros and cons inevitable as sharpening a problem because the report infotainment Luna linked his statement.  The case received wide attention from various circles, and even extends to other problems: NU issued a fatwa against the infotainment, the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) refused infotainment part of journalists, urging that the stronger to immediately repaired Act ITE,  and others to enter the US human rights record

Amateur Porn Video Scandals

Luna Maya back to make Indonesia shaken in early June 2010 for the release of video footage amateur porn with his girlfriend, Ariel NOAH, in cyberspace. The video footage shows the sexual relationship is being done Luna and Ariel, consists of two parts each of which lasted 1.4 minutes and 6.5 minutes [8]. The case received wide attention from the media in the country and abroad have made a career in the entertainment world exploded Luna.

Aura Kasih Indonesian Sexy Actress

Indonesia Hot Model Who always fully filled by Hot Scandal as Indonesia iss Indonesia Candidate

Model and Actress. Aura Kasih are Widely Known As Indonesian Sexy Actress who has a great talent of Singing, Acting and Modelling. Sanny Aura Syahrani (born in Bandung, February 23, 1988; age 28), widely known as Aura Kasih is an Indonesian singer.

Aura Kasih Career

Aura Kasih began his career as a finalist of Miss Indonesia 2007 represents the province of Lampung. Malaikat was the first album teaser that was released in 2008 with the main song titled Mari Bercinta. The song is known for its singles dance-hall.

Aura now try acting by playing in the film Asmara Dua Diana. The film was released in December 2008. In this film, besides clashing roles, Aura also sang the film’s soundtrack. This soundtrack was launched in December 2008 with the headline Puncak Asmara.

Aura Kasih After Show in Jakarta

Aura Kasih Personal life

In love life, Aura had reportedly close to vocalist Samsons, Bams Samsons. In fact he is considered as the cause of cracks household Pasha from Ungu group. He also reportedly had clashed with actress Luna Maya as a result of fighting singer Ariel, Peterpan vocalist, but in the end the two artists have denied the existence of a dispute between them. Aura is also reportedly the third person causes destruction of Mike and Tamara’s wedding. Aura reportedly often go out with Mike before the agreed divorce with Tamara. In fact, both touted often spend time together.

Aura Kasih Began Her New Investation on Exchange

Aura Kasih began to be interested in investing in shares. According to this type of investment is one of the promising among many types of investments or business.

However, he did not want undue haste when it will pursue investment and business case. Therefore, he took the time to come directly to the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) and met with Tito Sulistyo, Director of BEI.

Pretty, attractive look, even sexy icon has become his image not make the trip romance Aura smoothly. You could say the love story of a woman 28 years was not as smooth as his career and also investment .

Several times romance foundered in the middle of the road. Last conjunction with Glenn Fredly did not take place up to the altar. Problem mate, Aura does not again put the target.